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Blueprinting – by Todd Schriener

Lets Talk Bodies
In this edition of “LET’S TALK BODY’S” I am going to introduce blue printing for a restoration. Restoring a vehicle is similar to building a life sized model only using bolts and welds instead of glue. When building a model however it comes complete with instructions and all the parts include. So why not treat your restoration project the same way. A blue print then becomes instructions and a parts list helps you to keep your repairs going the right direction.

tearing into your vehicle this will enable you to have a better understanding of the task at hand before you invest a lot of time and money into something that can very quickly get out of hand. Both part’s availability/costs as well as labour costs. Not only will this help you organize for the task at hand but it will keep you from running into the unwanted horror stories you may have heard about others. Such as over priced paint and body costs as well as unavailable parts (original or after market). The blue print will hopefully answer all or most of your questions. Before your resto comes to a grinding halt because you ran out of money or you can not get the part’s to finish it. 

The blue print format can be as follows. At the top of the blue print enter in the amount you would like to spend on the complete project, including the price you paid for the vehicle. Then break the vehicle into four major categories: MECHANICAL/WIRING INTERIOR/HEATING BOADY/PAINT TRIM/GLASS

Now it is time to fill in the blanks. Go to the garage with your blue print format and start entering every little part you may need to replace or restore, under each category. If there are any areas of work that will not be accomplished by yourself, talk to the professionals and get estimates. Make sure the estimator fully understands the level of quality you are after to ensure an accurate estimate. Once this is complete, fill in all prices that are available for all of the parts included in the blue print.

Total up the final cost thus far and see if it lands within your budget. If the numbers are where you like them, it’s time to start purchasing the parts required for completing the task before the vehicle has been disassembled. In the next edition of “LET’S TALK BODIES” we will talk about the tear down and some helpful tip’s that can be used to keep all the part’s organized. As well as making a new list of all the little clips and screws that have been over looked in the blue print cost. Because some of these things can be refurbished and others just have to be replaced. Until next time happy blue printing and parts shopping.

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