Changes to Antique Registration

In case you hadn’t heard yet, the Saskatchewan Government has put new limitations on antique vehicle registration. Details are below.



From SGI, January 9, 2018.


Subject: Change to the Antique Vehicle Definition

We are writing to let you know that the definition of an antique vehicle in The Automobile Accident Insurance (General) Regulations was recently changed from “vehicles 30 years old and older” to “vehicles with a model year 1987 and earlier”. This change means vehicles with a model year of
1988 and newer will not be eligible for Antique Use, but it does not impact any vehicles currently registered with Antique Use.

The reason for this change is that the number of antique vehicles being registered has grown by 55% over the past 5 years and with that, the number of claims for antique vehicles has increased 31% over that same period. At this rate, SGI had to determine whether it should increase the insurance rate for all antique vehicles or cap the amount of vehicles that are registered as antique. SGI consulted with a few car clubs and car enthusiasts, and the decision was made to cap the antique vehicle definition at the 1987 model year rather than increase rates for all antique vehicles.

The Antique Use class was originally established for low-use vintage vehicles (vehicles used in parades, special occasions, Sunday drives, etc.). However, many antique-registered vehicles are being used as regular-use vehicles. There is currently a mix of true vintage vehicles as well as regular-use vehicles (used for everyday commuting) in the antique category. All antique vehicles pay the same insurance premium
($85 + PST annually) regardless of vehicle make or body style. While physical damage coverage for antique vehicles is limited to $800, full liability and injury benefits are provided.

Antique vehicles that are being driven on a regular basis may not be paying their fair share in insurance premiums. As the number of antique vehicles grows, the potential exists for the higher risk vehicles to increase the number of accidents, driving up the rate for all antique vehicles. For this reason, the regulations were changed to freeze the date of antique vehicles at model years 1987 and older.

There are still other registration options available for true vintage vehicles with model years 1988 and newer, that are used only on special occasions. For example, these vehicles could be registered for short-term use (the minimum registration term is 28 days). Some customers choose to register their vehicle just for the summer months as that’s the only time it’s being driven. Other options for vehicles that are only being used occasionally is to purchase 24-hour or 8-day permits.

Curtis S. Mead
Director, Vehicle Registration Policy & Permit Services Saskatchewan Government Insurance