About Our Club

The SASKATCHEWAN MOPAR CLUB is a non-profit organization founded in 1999 by Regan Balon and Dwight Wittal with the hopes of bringing together a Chrysler oriented car club for the Province. Since that time, membership has ballooned up to over 90 members, with the addition of 15 sponsors. Membership is open to any person residing in Saskatchewan. Vehicles that are entered into the club, MUST be 100% Chrysler. (Drivetrain and Body) The vehicle may be in any condition, being stock, street, strip, racing, modified or restored. All memberships are due at our annual event, “MOPARMANIA”, held at the end of August.


6 thoughts on “About Our Club”

  1. Hi, I am Bob Zubkowski of Collector Automobile Motor Oil Ltd. With your permission I would like to send you some articles dealing with the changes in engine oils. The first article is from Performance Technician magazine by Frank Walker. The next four articles dealing with engine oils are produced by Collector Automobile Motor Oil and also deal with changes in engine oils in a more in depth but in an easy to understand way. The concept is to create dialog with antique car owners about the changes in engine oils and to make owners aware of our product. I hope to hear back from you in the near future.
    Bob Zubkowski

    1. Mopar Mania will actually be Sunday August 14th at Dodge City in Saskatoon. We most certainly accept late model cars. In fact we have a trophy reserved for best late model car!

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