A Letter to Our Members

Hello Mopar Club Members,

My apologies for not sending this earlier but I’m sure it will come as little surprise that there will be no Mopar Mania show and shine this year.
The club executive met earlier in the spring and decided that the safety of members and spectators was more important than holding our annual show.

I’m sorry and disappointed, and I’m sure many of you will be upset but I’m hoping also that you will be understanding and realize the seriousness of what we are all going through right now. The liability concerns for the club alone are serious.

We would like to organize a virtual car show and have members send in pictures of their rides so we can celebrate all the beautiful Mopar metal out there.
Also if anyone has an idea for an organized cruise that we could get Mopar people to participate in we would love to hear them. That would give us a chance to show off our cars and be safe at the same time.

I’ll also point out that due to the lack of any organized activity we are extending everyone’s existing membership until 2021.

We will be looking into ways to generate some revenue to cover the cost of our insurance and membership in the SAACC.

Stay tuned for more and we hope everyone is healthy and stays that way.
Wayne Giesbrecht

President, Saskatchewan Mopar Club